Hello you wonderful lot! We would love to thank you for all the support we have been getting from a multitude of people across many feds, friends and family, your words have really help let us know that this is the right move.

We don’t want to keep anyone in the dark when it comes to most of the development over here as we all know you want to see what SWE can do. So below is all of the things we have finished. As you can guess we have a million things in development but here is a few things we can say are done!


  • Training center (Ronnie + Tormented)
  • Meeting area (Ronnie + Tormented)
  • Media Center (Ronnie)
  • Chat show (Ronnie)
  • News Reporting (Ronnie)
  • Show Graphics (LG / Ke’mon / Roxi)
  • SWE – Tops / Caps / Hoodies (Ke’mon / Xander)
  • Website Improvements (LG)
  • Arena / Barrier In development (Roxi)
  • Lighting / Media / Pyro Set up (Ronnie / LG)

More coming very soon!!!

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