The Premium Virtual World Wrestling Entertainment show! See high flying action, Well written drama that will keep you gripped in your seat the whole time as you roller-coaster you way through twists and unexpected turns.

With high quality shows that pay host to some of the best wrestling talent Secondlife has to offer. You will be blown away by intense stories and hard-hitting action. Click “visit us in world” and we will see you soon.


Show Times

RESURRECTION – Thursday’s 3:00pm PST (Thursday 22nd March!)


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Want To Be Part Of The Show?

We’re always looking for new talent in the roles of wrestler/referee /commentator / Manager / or Production Staff. Please fill out the short form and someone will be in contact to start your career in SL Wrestling Entertainment. Apply Here


An Introduction To SWE

To over-simplify it… it’s wrestling done right. It is not a ‘company’… not even a ‘fed’. It is a community, a commune in it’s purest form. We will not be competing with others in the SL Wrestling Universe. Never negatively speaking against them. Or assuming we know anything about what is happening behind the scenes of other wonderful wrestling companies here on SL. Or anywhere for that matter.

People have been saying what’s wrong for so long, ways to improve and many agree, however, rarely have these solutions been applied. Here, at SWE, we are applying these solutions. Everyone has a voice, you need not be in close with management, you don’t need to be well-known in the SL Wrestling Universe and we live by the motto: ‘You get what you give’.

You get out of SWE what you put in. Passion, ideas, honesty, involvement, and integrity actually count here. It is not just one person, not even just a small closed group of people ruling and trying to control everything. Freedom, that is what SWE offers and the fact that you will matter here.

For our product, due to it being the ideas of many and not just a few, we will have vast more variety. Instead of making the statement; “Make certain your ideas work with our ideas completely”, we say; “Let’s figure out to make our ideas work with -YOUR- ideas”. Everyone is management, everyone runs the show and we’re here to help each other, not just helping ourselves.

Welcome to SWE. Wrestling Starts Here.